Whitewater kayaking, canyoning, backcountry skiing, hydrospeed, downhill scooters, climbing… I love it all and more. The challenge for me is to capture the breathtaking sensations, individual challenges and the raw beauty of the elements. We are all unique with a story to tell; the great outdooors and sport highlight so much of what it is to be human..

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Video for Hannah Craig’s crowdfunding, irish slalomer athlete.

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Espace Eau Vive promotion

Adverstising for Espace Eau Vive

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La Grande Trace Trail 2019

Aftermovie of a trail in Super Devoluy with Boris Doye Films

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Aftermovie Ubayak 2019

Aftermovie of a kayak contest on the Ubaye river

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Madhoppers CliffDiving

Video to promote MadHoppers, Cliff Diving athletes.

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H2O Promotion

Advertising for H2O sport (whitewater sport) on Isere River

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Outdoormix festival 2019

After movie of Outdoormix festival 2019

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